IAI’s ACDC Concept Ads Self Protection, Special Operations Capabilities to naval and shipping vessels

IAI is introducing the modular All Capabilities Defense Container (ACDC) concept at DSEI 2023, packing a system of systems of defensive and attack systems utilizing an ISO container system, enabling any vessel carry equipped to carry commercial shipping containers to operate the employ advanced capabilities for self protection.

The system includes various means for self-defense, integrated and concealed within the shipping container. When the situation mandates activation of the ACDC the covering panels unfold to expose the system’s elements, such as sensors mounted on telescopic masts, and launchers of loitering weapon providing surveillance and strike of targets that may compromise the safety of the platform carrying the ACDC. The system is designed as an all-in-one containerized weapon solution which detects, repels, defends, and defeats a wide range of attacks using soft and hard kill measures.

Typical ACDC Elements include MiniPOP EO/IR and Radar sensors, and SIGINT systems forming the Drone Guard – Counter UAS Capability. Other effectors used in self defense or attack include four or eight Mini Harpy – All-weather loitering weapons with triple seeker packed in sealed launchers, and Rotem L – a quadcopter based loitering weapon designed for vertical take-off and landing, perch and ambush. These LMs are packed ready for launch in drawers that automatically open before launch.

This 20 foot ACDC packs four Mini Harpy and Eight Rotem L loitering weapons, communications and sensor system, with an operator post, all placed inside a standard shipping container.

Packed into a standard 40 or 20-foot cargo container, the ACDC operates autonomously, and is controlled by a single operator sitting at a bridge, combat information center, or inside the container itself. Each ACDC is tailored to the requirements of the mission at hand, configured with various sensors, anti-drone effectors, loitering munitions, and precision guided weapons.

The ACDC is mounted on the vessel or critical asset using standard twistlock attachments. It fits any vessel in most available spaces, adding significant combat capabilities without distinctive visual impact. Integrated to new or existing vessels like Frigates, amphibious landing ships and offshore patrol vessels, or offshore rigs, ACDC brings an inherent combat advantage for short responses, without the need for lengthy and expensive refits, and is designed to customer operational requirements.

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