Defense Technology Integration Solutions


Acquisition Process


Consultation on Individual Agency, Organization, Service Programming process and timing. Unique insight on Other Transaction Authority (OTA). Alternative organizations to engage with. 

Scenario Development


Develop accurate, relevant scenarios leveraging your companies solutions in relation to the Defense Customer you are seeking.

Technology Consult


Provide guidance and consulting on current and future technology in the Defense and Intelligence Community to enhance your offering to Department of Defense customer. 

R&D Opportunities


We know where opportunities are with Defense and Intelligence Community related to R&D.  If you have a product that is TRL 6, and just needs a little push.  Let us Help you.



If you require a Defense or Intelligence Community sponsor for a product in development, BlackHays Group can assist in developing contacts and your Pitch.

Technology Integration


Many Technology solutions face a challenge entering Government space.  Let us help identify potential integration opportunities.  Venture Capital and Angel Investors let us help determine viable defense market opportunities and entry.

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