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BlackHays Group was established to provide affordable knowledge about engaging US Defense, Intelligence Community, or other US Agencies

Currently Assisting 25 Companies
Over $46M+ in Awards in past 30 Months

The experience and expertise to engage the US Government at the RIGHT time and in the RIGHT way.

BlackHays Group was established to provide a no/low cost way to assist early stage commercially facing small and startup technology companies, and help determine if there is value in engaging with Defense, Intelligence Community, or other US Agencies.

What we do

We assist commercially facing small and startup technology companies

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Advisory Role

No cost discussions concerning your technology and the viability related to defense

Advisory Role

Who do you contact? What are the opportunities? When is the right timing to engage? Where do you find partners?


Low cost engagement and assistance in developing use cases, scenarios, and viable ways


Engagement strategy is critical to minimize expenditures, and maximize return on investment


We will attend discussions with you and help guide you through the timing and proposal process


Active Clearance and ability to travel allow BlackHays to be present at meetings and events if needed
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Success of the Mission is the sole focus

Our model is focused on not only getting the best technology to the Warfighter but also looking at opportunities for teaming with other technology solutions. BlackHays Group will advise on potential contract opportunities, teaming opportunities, and alternative use cases for your technology.

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Passion is what drives us

We will assist in discussions related to your technology, the value & the use cases

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Our Mission

Identifying Right Time,
Right Message,
to the customer

Our process is designed to assist in improving your awareness of the right opportunities, the right time to communicate, the right way to communicate. In the end, we try to ensure you efficiently leverage your limited resources.

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