About Us

Advice and Counsel

BlackHays Group was established to assist Commercial facing Tech Startups, and help determine if there is value in engaging with Defense.  

Our model is focused on getting the best technology to the Warfighter.  

THERE IS NO COST for the consulting we provide up front.  

Success for the Warfighter is the sole focus.    

BlackHays Group will assist in discussions related to your technology, the value, the use cases, and how your specific capabilities may or may not be relevant to Defense. 

BlackHays Group will also assist in helping identify potential partners that would enhance your capabilities and ability to win opportunities in the Government space. 

BlackHays Group will provide advisory services related to potential contract opportunities. RFPs, RFIs, SBIRs, OTAs, Innovation Events, Conferences, Summits, Customer Engagements, etc

No Cost Model

Our process is designed to identify potential scenarios, Defense or Law Enforcement clients, and potential Government funding resources.  Let BlackHays Group work with you and your team to determine the value proposition and timing. 

Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, and identify if working with the USG is worth your investment.