Advice and Counsel

BlackHays Group was founded with the idea to be a trusted advisor.  A trusted confidant, mentor, that provides the wink, nod, or words of wisdom or confirmation, but not be tied to a large payment.  Our mission is to provide affordable technical advisory and consulting services to Early Stage Commercially facing (Dual Use) Small and Startup Technology Companies. 

Our services help determine the value of engaging with Defense, Intelligence Community, or other US Agencies. Our unique model not only focuses on providing the best technology solutions to these agencies but also identifies opportunities to team up with other technology solutions. 

We provide initial consulting at no cost and offer various very low-cost options to help companies focus on building their technology and not worry about high consulting costs. Our services aim to enable companies to focus on engineering and growth instead of paying a percentage of their award to a consultant. With over 30 clients and $50M+ in awards, our experience and knowledge make us the perfect partner for any technology company looking to engage with the US Defense, Intelligence Community, or other US Agencies.


Mission is the Focus.

At BlackHays Group, we prioritize the success of your mission by providing expert guidance on potential contract opportunities, such as RFPs, SBIRs, STTRs, OTAs, Innovation Events, Conferences, Summits, Customer Engagements, and more. We will also assist you in discussions related to your technology and its value, use cases, and relevance to the Defense industry. We will identify potential partners that can enhance your capabilities and increase your chances of winning opportunities in the Government space.  Our focus is on delivering top-notch technology solutions that can cross the “Valley-of-Death”. Assisting you in clearly communicating your value and working to engage at the right time, with the right organizations, and the right potential partners.

Low Cost Model

BlackHays Group assists clients by identifying potential scenarios and government funding resources. We work closely with clients to determine project value and timing. Our experience includes outlining a framework for defense planning and force-sizing, including planning scenarios. We understand defense operational requirements, and technological friction points that require solutions in defense, and US Government Agencies and Organizations.

Government awards are not a fast process, don’t be fooled by Consulting or Advisors charging $5K, or $10K and telling you “within a year you’ll be on a contract”. The rainbow isn’t that close, and the percentage the typical consultant takes (5-20%) is a very painful chunk for an early-stage company.

At BlackHays Group, we provide affordable knowledge about engaging with US Defense, Intelligence Community, or other US agencies. Consider us your trusted Agent, we understand the challenges faced by early-stage and startup companies. We work with our clients to identify potential scenarios and government funding resources and provide expert guidance on potential contract opportunities. Helping you determine if working with the USG is worth your investment. We offer a flexible model of no or low-cost technical advisory and consulting services. We understand your prospective customer’s mission, environment, challenges, and hot buttons. We arm ourselves with information and facts, not emotion, and provide you with the tools and resources needed to succeed in the Government space. It is a marathon, not a sprint in Government procurement.

Our Partners & Collaborators