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With the Base of the Future initiative, the U.S. Air Force (USAF) has an opportunity to start from the ground up and create an installation that will become a universal symbol of innovation and excellence. 

For this challenge, one of several related to the Base of the Future initiative, we are seeking solutions that will increase the effectiveness of base security and defense. As the Air Force builds new and restores existing installations, we have the opportunity to examine and improve the existing security and defense systems that protect the people and critical resources they house. 

The focus areas of this challenge include Air Force bases with perimeters that require safeguarding from threats such as unauthorized or attempted illegal entry, active shooters, explosives, cyber risks and many other potential threats. Security is the ability to identify these threats, understand their intent or purpose, choose the appropriate type of response and execute that response to deter or neutralize the threat; Integrated Defense Effects.

There is no one-size-fits-all security solution for cyber, ground, air or sea threats. Whether you design a comprehensive base security solution or a critical piece of the solution, we’re eager to learn about your innovative concepts and products.

We welcome you to our crowdsourcing process — an open call for solutions to increase base security and defense. In partnership with the USAF, AFWERX challenges you to contribute your viable ideas to help the people who defend us around the world. 

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