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SavantX unlocks the potential from data within an organization. All too often, a data search is limited by the type, skill of the person searching, and many other factors. We set out to change that. Now, regardless of skill, anyone can search all types of data to extract real meaning from data.

SavantX is an augmented intelligence tool that ALWAYS keeps the human in the loop. Users don’t need to be a data scientist to use this innovative Advanced Data Analytics Toolkit. If you know how to use Google and Amazon, you are qualified.


SavantX offers a fully integrated suite of augmented intelligence tools, combining data analytics, data visualization and data insights into one powerful, cloud-native toolkit. Harness the power of AI and quantum computing to visualize hidden patterns in your data and unleash unprecedented clarity and optimization of complex systems.

Next Gen Training and Education
Our approach to re-engineering 3d simulations

Visual Purple simulations make the learning process more engaging (and dare we say fun) for all ages. Innovative training technologies are delivered through a multi-device ecosystem to take learning in the digital age to an entirely new level.

Visual Purple strives to take complex and often abstract training, teaching, and learning objectives and create engaging game or cinematic based products that offer higher levels of engagement, retention, and effectiveness.

Real-time Collaboration Platform with Visual Analytics Made Simple

SitScape is the leader in collaborative User-Defined-Operating-Picture (UDOP) solutions with our award-winning no-coding Digital Enterprise Enablement Platform (DEEP) software.

SitScape’s Web-based Collaborative UDOP and DEEP software, a Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) software product, enables ops and mission users to easily aggregate, correlate, analyze and visualize disparate data and information sources into collaborative visual Common-Operating-Picture (COP), and assemble agile digital enterprise applications with advanced process automation and machine learning, powered by our drag-and-drop Straight-Through-Processing (STP) visual flow-automation environment – done in minutes with just a Web browser without programming.

Create real-time Monitoring Console, Common-Operating-Picture (COP), and User-Defined-Operating-Picture (UDOP) on-the-fly; Aggregate live applications, web sites, data sets from disparate sources with simple drag-and-drop; calculate and monitor Key-Performance-Indicator (KPI) at real-time; set thresholds and conditions for smart alerts. Collaborate together using shared virtual workspaces to support Shared Situational Awareness over shared visual COP and UDOP.

Rapid Dev

Design by simply selecting desired functionality.


Instant configuration of devices across hardware & software

Build Complex Software

Easily design complex software architectures using the latest technologies

Production Ready Circuit Board

Create ready-to-manufacture circuit boards, no electronics skills required


By enabling a new type of powerful drone workforce we are addressing the current limitations in drone operations, range, endurance, and cost.
We are building a disruptive autonomous infrastructure that can easily be customized and integrated for various industries.

The universal approach we take with our Dronehub allows for collaboration across the market sector and pushes the boundaries of what drones can achieve today.




Automatically collect and report media coverage

PeakMetrics extracts insights and creates actionable data from millions of unstructured, cross-channel media datasets in real-time.

PeakMetrics uses machine learning to spot trends & predict message resonance across news, social, and TV/radio.
Better decisions start with better data.

Sentenai makes better data available to everyone on your team, so anyone can make better decisions using the right data.

Discover Insight

Make better decisions by using historical data to understand behavior, predict outcomes and compare scenarios.

Extract Intelligence

Distill intelligence by using expert knowledge to transform raw data into actionable information.

Streamline Access

Make up-to-date intelligence available to everyone so that anyone can leverage data to make decisions.


Access the full potential of your space resources with our next-generation machine intelligence platform.


Manage Satellite Operations
& Collection Planning


Model to Maximize Future Constellation Revenue & Performance Yield


Coordinate multi-Constellation
& multi-Phenomenology Opportunities

Successful Transitions of Advanced Technology to Solve DoD Mission Needs

Securboration was founded in 2001 on the belief that Security and Collaboration will have a significant impact on the evolution of software architecture across a variety of domains. 

Analytics & Business Intelligence
  • Provides solutions for extracting meaning from text.

C2ISR Innovations

  • Advancing the state-of-the-art in C2ISR to enable joint all-domain operations across the DOD, IC, and whole-of-government.

Digital Engineering

  • Responsible for all projects related to Digital Thread/Digital Twin (DT/DTw) technologies.

Joint Command Support Office

  • Software development support for production level command and control systems.
Operation Cyber
  • Provides the applications to secure sensor network streams and avionics bus messaging against adversary intrusion and unintentional data manipulation. 
Strategic Cyber
  • Conducts full-spectrum cybersecurity research for AFRL, ONR, DARPA, and DOT&E among others.
Mission-Focused Digital Transformation

Tyto Athene is an IT services and solutions company that provides mission-focused digital transformation to enhance the client experience and enable them to achieve desired outcomes. A full-service systems integrator, Tyto Athene offers a wide range of network services and solutions including the design, installation, and support of Hybrid Cloud-based Enterprise Unified Communications, Voice, 5G and NextGen Infrastructure. Tyto Athene has over fifty years of experience supporting Federal, State and Local Governments across the United States and around the globe.

Network Modernization

Provide end-to-end solutions including VOIP/UC, IoT, SDN and 5G infrastructure tailored to modernize networks and increase mission resiliency, capability and flexibility

What if you could capture your whole team’s design decisions and assumptions in a central, accessible, revision controlled location...
With Verve, you can. You don’t even have to change, Verve works where you do. Verve captures and manages engineering requirements inside the tools where they originate and across complex datasets.
When a driving requirement is changed, Verve automatically syncs it across your enterprise.
Drive the requirement directly into the cell in a spreadsheet, variable in a script, paragraph in a word doc, inside any tool, and keep them all in sync.
When you need to pivot your design, make a branch, explore the new concept, and merge when ready.
Open a pull request against your fully verified design, comprehensively understand the impacts, and safely merge it in when fully approved by all stakeholders.
‍No other tool provides a more comprehensive picture.

Developing metamaterial solutions that enable antennas to be electronically controlled for beamforming and boosting communication ranges while simultaneously providing cyber-security protection

Mixed Reality & AI Enabled Visualization and Command and Control for Autonomous Systems in GPS Denied Environments.
We are creating the future of previsualization.

Vermeer specializes in a leading-edge suite of AR mission planning tools and autonomous sUAS mission execution for both DoD and commercial customers. From our expertise from years of piloting drones on the sets of blockbuster Hollywood films, we built Vermeer as an internal tool for pre-mission planning and visualization. Today, Vermeer is capable of integrating into any autonomous platform, from sUAS to satellites.


FMV for ISR, Security and Surveying is limited. Vermeer’s AI-generated 3D models and previsualization tools eliminates mission repitition and reduces commander intent miscommunication. Vermeer reduces mission planning time by 30%. Currently, operators are head and eyes down, losing SA in their environment.


Our Satellite Collaboration Toolkit (SCTK) enables an AR environment resulting in multi-user 2D/3D whiteboard for decision making, planning and training. We enable the Space Force and the Department of Defense to establish a visually enhanced immersive space domain awareness (SDA) environment across the board. This environment fosters intuitive and collaborative satellite control and decision making, enabling rapid reaction to a simulated or real threat scenario for enhanced operational readiness.


Create custom, previsualized drone missions in 3D AR, right from your iOS device.


Determine your absolute location in GPS denied environments for your ground platform.


Determine your absolute location in GPS denied environments for your aerial platform.


Learn more about Mobile VPS.

ATAKs solution to empower operators awareness of EM activities that may impede communications.

Mission-ready hardware-agnostic tools for electronic warfare all in an ATAK plugin.

Detecting, defining, and defeating threats in the contested electromagnetic spectrum.

We provide…
jamming detection

The ability to detect live congestion on-device for user-specified frequencies.

And jammer localization

InstaJam is capable of estimating precise jammer location to more effectively neutralize threats in the electromagnetic spectrum.

From anywhere, everywhere.

We utilize integrations with both Line-of-Sight (LOS) and Beyond-Line-of-Sight (BLOS) off-grid technologies to provide reliable coverage of frequencies of interest and more precise jammer localization across the battlefield.

We’re supercharging weather predictions with a unique, proprietary data source. If you’re interested in purchasing from or partnering with us to change the way you use weather, email us at contact@windbornesystems.com


When planes fly with a tailwind or ships sail in lighter seas, they’re significantly more efficient. To do so, however, we need better forecasts, particularly in areas like the oceans without good data. We aim to save 100 million metric tonnes of carbon through better weather-based routing.

Simultaneously, better forecasting improves the electrical grid. Since the variability of renewables is a key obstacle in their adoption, by improving forecasts and reducing the unknowns, we will accelerate the adoption of renewables and reduce the usage of carbon-intensive peaker plants.


The climate emergency is already here. While we firmly believe that reducing carbon emissions is key, we need to be able to survive the extreme weather climate change is already brining. That means:

  • Forecasting the path increasingly-destructive hurricanes so people can evacuate
  • Informing firefighters where the winds will blow wildfires next
  • Predicting heat waves and cold snaps so people can prepare

In Orbit is building the orbital infrastructure to create new and improved products in microgravity and deliver them back down to Earth


Advanced semiconductors are the backbone of the modern electronics industry, powering computers and electric vehicles. Multiple types of high purity crystals, including silicon and gallium-based, have been grown in space to produce superior electronic devices.

Fiber Optics

Optical fibers allow continents to communicate with each other and are used for high-power laser systems in medicine, spectroscopy, and manufacturing, amongst other uses. Certain types of optical fibers are produced in microgravity with a 10-100x higher performance than those produced terrestrially.

3D Bioprinting

Advancements in bioprinting have opened the door for new life-changing applications. Producing tissues, cellular structures, and organs in microgravity has the potential to service the enormous backlog of people needing transplants on Earth, and to support the future of humanity in space.


Quadrupedal Unmanned Ground Vehicles, or Q-UGV for short, are no longer relegated to university lab projects. They have a place in a broad range of government and enterprise applications where mobile robots with four legs have inherent advantages over wheels, tracks and even bipedal systems. 

Our Q-UGVs not only manage unstructured terrain well but are built for demanding customers in demanding environments. Our robots are faster, more durable, have greater endurance, simpler to integrate, and far easier to support versus our competitors.

They’re unstoppable, with the ability to get right back up from any slip, fall, or failure and keep moving using our proprietary blind-mode operation. They have to because we design and build robots to keep humans and K9s out of harm’s way.

Ghost has partnered with companies big and small to build cutting edge solutions addressing defense, homeland, and enterprise customer needs and leveraging the latest in sensors and comms hardware,

as well as operational and autonomy applications and AI.

We are targeting the second half of ’21 to release an initial portfolio of market-ready Q-UGV solutions.

Interested to learn more about our robots or solutions, get an introduction to one of our partners, or engage directly with us to develop a pilot:

Edgybees software provides Visual Context in Real Time, in the Real World.

Geospatial intelligence for aerial and satellite videos and images.

Commonly used solutions for aerial video augmentation often fall short of the accuracy and speed required for lifesaving missions. Existing solutions typically apply aircraft telemetries to place geographical data over live video streams, resulting in inaccurate or delayed geographical positioning information that can lead to dire consequences in emergency situations.
Our AI-powered solution utilizes satellite-generated geographical positioning imagery, coupled with computer vision and machine learning algorithms, to deliver visually augmented video with the highest levels of precision and speed.
For analytics processes to work well, it helps to start with accurate imagery. Current satellite imagery can be off by 10’s of meters to 100’s of meters, requiring manual correction, which slows down analytics processes.
The market's most advanced cyber-hardened, intelligent sensor and comms platform for Extreme IoT, IIoT, Internet of Maintenance Things (IoMT), and Internet of Battlefield Things (IoBT). IoT/AI™ delivers an unmatched sensor and comms platform that fuses cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and edge networking to unlock the power of the edge – across Industrial IoT and Military/Defense environments. 

  Amplified and distributed edge intelligence

  Increased multi-level cyber protection

  Enhanced situational awareness

  Edge and Local Collaboration

  Human, Machine, Sensor, and Autonomous Teaming

  Team awareness and collaboration apps anywhere


✔  connectivity where you don’t have it today

✔ enhanced real-time decision-making

✔  mission critical operations

✔  AI/ML at the edge anywhere

✔  Mesh IT services, beyond just network

Organizing the stress out of home buying!

MustWants™ was created by veterans to help improve the home search process by allowing you to aggregate home results based on YOUR MUSTS, WANTS, and DON’T WANTS, so you don’t waste your time looking at houses that are not a good fit.

Artificial Intelligence backend designed to enhance users ability to organize, prioritize, collaborate and communicate.

Product line designed to assist customers create dynamic decision making tools to improve coordination and deconfliction of priorities

Ultra portable.

Expands from pack to flight in under 2 min. Weighs < 10 lbs.

Big things come in small packages.

From pack to 7 ft wingspan. Our wings fly 5x longer (1000+ acres) and can carry 10x more weight for more pro tools, compared to conventional quadcopters.

Public Safety & Defense

Protection, anywhere, at anytime


Simply fly to observe fields and livestock

Survey & Inspection

Precision monitoring and assessment of energy infrastructure and job sites.


Conduct pre and post-loss assessments of large properties.


MIA™ design automation software is created by Magzor Corporation, based in Southern California. Magzor’s vision of design and manufacturing is guided by the principles of modularity, simplicity, and auto-configuration. MIA™ is the culmination of extensive R&D and uniquely brings together electronics, software and mechanics in design automation. MIA™ is designed for engineers and entrepreneurs to simplify and speed up innovation in robotics, IoT and mechatronics. Founded in 2009, Magzor has been awarded multiple funding contracts by divisions of the U.S. government, including DARPA, for its advanced R&D initiatives in robotics and mechatronics design automation. Magzor was awarded ‘Finalist’ in the 2016 ABB Robotics Innovation Challenge.

Rapid Dev

Design by simply selecting desired functionality.


Instant configuration of devices across hardware & software

Build Complex Software

Easily design complex software architectures using the latest technologies

Production Ready Circuit Board

Create ready-to-manufacture circuit boards, no electronics skills required


Headwall is a software company that allows for a digital twin of a command center to be instantiated in an extended reality headset. Headwall places secure video feeds, 3D data visualization, and real-world hardware control into an immersive environment. In situations that demand rapid decision-making, Headwall enables operators not physically in the command center to benefit from the same level of situational awareness afforded to operators with access to a large format video wall and 3D tools.

The system works identically to your existing command center with one exception. Users can access and manipulate data anywhere in the world via a head-mounted AR or VR display without being in a physical command center.


The team behind Headwall can interface with your design team to expand your systems capabilities to extend to VR/AR functionality. There is no better time to implement Headwall than when in the design development phase of a new command center.


Headwall can work either as an exact virtual copy of your existing real world command center or as an independently configurable workspace blending spatial information such as lidar scans or GIS mapping with real-time sensor data and live video feeds.


Headwall features a comprehensive API that integrates seamlessly with your existing control system. Nearly any feature you have in the real world can be duplicated in Headwall. The Headwall API is open and configurable for maximum flexibility.

We are a technology oriented company focused on providing capabilities to end-users directly supporting the military. We offer products and services that enable enhanced GEOINT capabilities for the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense.


Engineering Link Analysis (ELA) is used for common intelligence picture analysis by Security Forces Assistance Brigades (SFABs) working with foreign security forces on unclassified and partner force domains.

ELA will add ISR integration and common intelligence picture to US and foreign partners

IME built Engineering Link Analysis (ELA) to fulfill the Army’s geospatial needs for both disconnected, intermittent, and low bandwidth (DIL) and connected environments. ELA provides DIL environment warfighters mapping technology on any laptop, tablet, or mobile device through thin-client mapping overlaid with intelligence information, providing a holistic Common Intelligence Picture (CIP) and user needs-driven, and easier-to-learn and -use platform while disseminating data.


ELA’s technical approach is to provide a high-performance, thin-client map with overlays of intelligence data in disconnected, low bandwidth, and intermittent bandwidth modes. Our technology stack includes CesiumJS, HTML5, Cesium ION, and Microsoft SQL 2012 R2. Our development is in C# and Java Script with Apache for real-time calls to the database.

ELA brings mapping technology to the ‘Last Tactical Mile’ with Security Forces Assistance Brigade during deployments to CENTCOM, AFRICOM, and EUCOM.


As part of the ELA kit, IME equips and trains personnel on unmanned aerial systems.

ELA brings mapping technology to the ‘Last Tactical Mile’ and has been deployed to various locations around the globe with the Security Forces Assistance Brigades.

Video outputs from your existing command center AV infrastructure are connected to the Headwall system. Video is then converted to standard IP streams and decoded in a VR environment as full motion video streams.

Headwall passes through full control of source routing, video wall layouts, display positioning, KVM routing, camera PTZ control, and 3D visualization capabilities to the virtualized environment. Content is delivered over the WAN in a secure encrypted stream.

In addition to video wall visualization and control Headwall also allows for visualization of your facility or area of interest with a lidar scan or GIS map. These 3D tools are integrated with IoT devices, GPS data or other sensors to provide a real-time digital twin of your facility operation.